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Secondary Framework

Secondary Parent/Student Reference Manual

Welcome to EDGE! 

Educating the Digital Generation with Excellence

A Virtual Academy offered by CNP Schools


Program Overview:

CNP EDGE Virtual Academy is a free 4th-12th grade virtual school founded in June 2020 by the Choctaw-Nicoma Park Public School District. Choctaw-Nicoma Park Schools continue to make strides in providing the best possible educational experience for each student. As developments in technology continue to advance, our goal is to create an environment that encourages independent, 21st-century learners and prepares students for the world beyond CNP Schools.  

The CNP EDGE Virtual Academy will allow students to customize their learning experience to fit their style and individual needs. Students may choose an entirely virtual learning program or choose a hybrid learning program that will combine virtual learning and extracurricular activities. The hybrid-learning option allows students to enroll in virtual classes and still attend traditional classes on campus for specific electives such as fine arts, vocational education, and athletics, just to name a few.

All CNP Virtual Academy students will be enrolled in a specific school within the Choctaw-Nicoma Park School District and counted in the average daily membership for their assigned school location.  This school will serve as the location for additional educational support services.

By utilizing highly qualified, certified teachers, the virtual academy will provide quality instruction and a place for online students to participate in social, extracurricular, nutritional, and counseling activities.  These teachers are specialists in their teaching fields, setting them apart from many other virtual programs offered in Oklahoma.  

CNP EDGE Virtual Academy provides a unique opportunity for CNP students in grades 4-12 to have a challenging educational experience in a supportive online environment.  Highly qualified teachers support courses.  At least one certified teacher at Choctaw-Nicoma Park Public Schools monitors each student with a commitment to quality and high standards.  Courses within the EDGE program support college readiness and are for first-time credit only.  Students who fail a course will need to work with their counselor to review credit recovery options. 


Positive, consistent two-way communication among students, parents, and teachers is essential to success in an online learning environment.  Please email teachers using their CNP school email instead of the email within Courseware or Google Classroom.  

Academic Calendar

The EDGE program will follow the approved CNP school calendar for the given school year.  In the case of a district-wide inclement weather day, EDGE students will be in session or out of session on the same days as traditional students.  We will make up any days missed on the designated inclement weather days in the spring semester.  Courseware allows us to schedule holiday breaks in the software at the administrative level.  Students will not have assignments due during a scheduled holiday break. 

Program Commitment

4th-12th grade students will make a semester-long commitment to the virtual program.  Students are encouraged to provide their own technology device with a Google Chrome internet browser and access to the internet.  However, the school district can provide technology devices and hotspots for families who request assistance.  These devices will be checked out in August and returned in May through the site media center.

Child Nutrition

EDGE students will have access to child nutrition services. Parents/guardians will need to email the child nutrition department at before 8:00 am any day you wish to pick up a meal(s). The email will need to include the student’s name, the school they are enrolled in, note whether they are picking up breakfast, lunch, or both, and the location of pickup. If you plan to pick up the meal(s) every day of the week, you can include that in the email so you do not need to email every day. Pickup locations will be at Choctaw Middle School, Nicoma Park Middle School, and Choctaw High School. The meal pickup time will be from 10:00 am to 10:30 am.

Library/Media Services

Students have access to the school library/media resources and services at their designated school sites. Students can use the online Destiny program to select and place holds on materials.;jsessionid=8D6FCD4E8F44FA64275BF8D2C8D661C2?districtMode=true  The school libraries/media centers will use a pick-up/drop-off delivery system that utilizes safe handling procedures. Students can also check out e-books or utilize the public library system for additional resources.  Contact the library/media director at your assigned school site for extra support and educational resources.  

Academic Integrity

Choctaw-Nicoma Park students participating in the EDGE program are held to high academic standards.  EDGE students are always expected to conduct themselves with the highest academic integrity.  Students caught plagiarizing, copying, or cheating may receive a zero for their work, academic probation, or virtual program removal.

Extracurricular Activities

Students enrolled in the CNP EDGE Virtual Academy are eligible to participate in extracurricular activities at their school with the site principal’s permission beginning in the seventh grade.  If students choose to participate in an extracurricular activity offered as a class during the regular school day (choir, band, AG, athletics, etc.), they will be required to attend those classes on campus during the regular school day following state and district attendance policies. Students will be responsible for their transportation to and from the activities.  

Hybrid Schedules

CHS students will have the opportunity to take online classes during the school day.  Virtual students with a hybrid schedule will not remain on campus during virtual class periods. Students (or parents) will be responsible for their transportation to and from on-campus classes. 


The EDGE program uses the Courseware curriculum created by the Edmentum Company and managed by district teachers. All courses taught through the EDGE Virtual Academy will meet the grade-level Oklahoma Academic Standards.  The Oklahoma Academic Standards serve as expectations for what students should know and do by the end of the school year. Click on the following link to view the Oklahoma Academic Standards.

Dropped classes

If a CHS EDGE student drops a virtual course after ten days they will 1) receive a no credit (NC) on their transcript or 2) be given another virtual course to be completed at an accelerated rate and will receive the grade for completed work at the end of the grading period. A student is not allowed to drop a course after five weeks, instead, they will receive the grade earned.   


Students can participate in their regularly scheduled SEARCH day by catching the bus at their assigned school site or being transported directly to the SEARCH program by a parent/guardian.  

Concurrent Enrollment

CHS EDGE students can still participate in concurrent enrollment and receive tuition paid by the state of Oklahoma.  Graduates from Choctaw High School can receive the Ticket to Rose Scholarship for two years of free tuition at Rose State College. 

Students with Special Needs

Parents of children with disabilities on a Section 504 Accommodation Plan or an Individualized Education Program (IEP) will want to meet with their IEP team before enrollment to determine the least restrictive environment and the best placement for their child.  Our district does provide an online curriculum for special needs students; however, modifications due to the curriculum’s software design can be limited. 

Grounds for Dismissal 

  • Students who do not log in to complete assignments for ten consecutive days without prior approval will be withdrawn from CNP Schools for non-attendance.  

  • Students who fail two or more courses in the EDGE program at the end of a grading period will be re-enrolled in traditional brick and mortar schools for the following grading period.  

  • Students who demonstrate improper use of school-related technology or violate school technology policies will lose their online privileges and be returned to traditional school. 

Secondary EDGE Student Attendance Procedures

EDGE students who are enrolled in the full-time virtual academy or completing elective courses on campus will be subject to district and state attendance policies (Oklahoma Statute 70 O.S. 3-145.8) 

CNP EDGE students will be marked present if…

They complete at least three instructional activities per week per course.


They are on pace or ahead of pace in their course.



  • Students who know in advance of a scheduled absence should work ahead to complete assignments in advance of the absence. 

  • Students who have been marked absent for ten consecutive days will be withdrawn from the program for non-attendance.

  • If work is not completed for the week and prior arrangements have not been made with the teacher, zeros will be given.  It will be at the teacher’s discretion if work can be made up for full credit, partial credit, or for a maximum percentage value. 


Secondary Grading Procedures

Teachers are expected to give at least two grades per week in each course.  Student eligibility reports are run on Monday morning. 

PowerSchool is the official grade book and should reflect the student’s current grade in the course. The grades and pacing/student progress in Courseware may or may not match the grade and pacing/student progress in PowerSchool.  Parents are responsible for monitoring grades in PowerSchool. 

Teachers should communicate weekly assignments to students through email or Google Classroom and unlock at least a week’s worth of lessons in Courseware by no later than Friday each week. 

If work is not completed for the previous week and prior arrangements have not been made with the teacher, zeros will be given. It will be at the teacher’s discretion if work can be made up for full credit, partial credit, or for a maximum percentage value. 

Secondary New Student Checklist 

  • First, meet with your school counselor to attain a schedule. 

  • Ensure you know your Courseware login information and know how to use it. Using Google Chrome for your internet browser, go to 

  • For the Account line use: CNPSD

  • Your login is your first and last name (all one word and lowercase) ex: billysmith

  • Your password is the same as your google password ex: BSmit1234

  • Log into Courseware and make sure you have been added to all of your classes. If you do not see all of your classes, email the teacher of the missing class(es) to remind them to add you. 

  • Take some time to learn how to navigate Courseware. Make sure you know how to open and complete your assignments. If you have any questions, email your teacher. 

  • Make sure you have accepted any invitations to Google Classrooms that belong to your teachers. Many of our virtual teachers communicate important information using their Google Classrooms. 

  • For new student resources about Courseware, including tutorials on how to use it, go to Getting Started with Courseware and scroll down to Student Resources. 

  • Make sure you know how to reach out to Edmentum for technical support. The email is which will auto-generate a service support ticket for your issue.  The hotline is: 1-800-447-5286 

Schedules and Organization

In a typical school day, students will spend about 360 minutes/6 hours in class and studying coursework. Online students should expect to dedicate anywhere from 4-6 hours working on their coursework as well.  

Many parents have requested sample schedules to assist them in setting up a successful at-home learning environment.  Although every family has different needs and you are not bound to these schedules, we have attached a few to assist you with getting started.


Sample Time-Oriented Daily Schedule: 

8:00 - 9:00

Wake up, eat breakfast, prepare for the day

9:00 - 10:00


10:00 - 10:10


10:10 - 11:10


11:10 - 11:20


11:20 - 12:20


12:20 - 1:00


1:00 - 2:00

Social Studies

2:00 - 3:00


3:00 - 4:00

Exercise/Physical Activity

Sample Subject-Oriented Schedule: 

Monday -  Complete all English assignments for the week

Tuesday - Complete all Science assignments for the week

Wednesday - Complete all Math assignments for the week

Thursday - Complete all Social Studies assignments for the week

Friday - Complete all Electives assignments for the week


Sample Schedule for a student who works in the middle of the day:

7:00 - 10:00

Work on Courseware

10:00 - 5:00

Go to work

5:00 - 6:00


6:00 - 9:00

Work on Courseware


Sample Subject Oriented Schedule: 


Who do I contact if I have a question or concern about...


(electric bill, demographics, attendance, class schedule, report card, PowerSchool parent portal access, etc.)

The office at your school site: 

Choctaw High School: 390-8899

Choctaw Middle School: 390-2207

Nicoma Park Middle School: 390-6960

School pictures & Yearbooks

Your school site

State-Mandated Testing

Your school site

Parent portal access to PowerSchool

Your school site

Child Nutrition



Donna Salinas: 390-5524

My child’s assignments or assignment deadlines

Your child’s teacher


Your child’s teacher

Difficulty with an assignment

Your child’s teacher

EDGE Program Questions or Courseware Software Concerns

EDGE Director - Debbie Worley:  390-5534

EDGE Assistant Director - Jennifer Wright

office: 390-5532

Courseware Technology Issues


Other Instructional Software (Exact Path, Moby Max, textbook software, etc.)

Janna Walters: 390-5493

IEP or 504 Accommodations

Kelli Hosford - Director of Student Services  


PowerSchool issues

Teri Warren:  390-5494

Secondary EDGE Program Expectations

Expectations for Parents

  • Set up a distraction-free, designated workspace for your child(ren) to work every day. 

  • Provide equipment (a device, internet access, and supplies) for your child to complete their coursework. 

  • Assist your student(s) in setting up a routine and schedule for completing schoolwork each week.

  • Take a hands-on, active role in your child(ren)’s daily education. 

  • Ensure your child checks emails and Google Classroom regularly for information.

  • Communicate with teachers regularly via CNP email regarding any course or curriculum issues.

  • As needed, check your student’s grades through PowerSchool Parent Portal.

  • As needed, check your student’s login habits and time on task through a Sensei for Parents account. 

  • Contact the school counseling office for schedule changes or scheduling issues.

  • Contact the EDGE office for Courseware technical issues.

  • Provide transportation to the home base campus for all state-mandated testing.


Expectations for Students

  • Know your student login procedures.

  • Sign-in to Courseware Learning Software to complete weekly assignments.

  • Check your CNP email and your teachers’ Google Classrooms at least three times per week.

  • Communicate with teachers during online office hours for assistance.

  • Email teachers using their CNP Schools email address.

  • Complete assignments within a weekly timeframe demonstrating academic integrity.  

  • Check grades through PowerSchool Student Portal.

  • Participate in all state-mandated testing.

  • Sign in and out through the main office if you come to the home base campus.

  • EDGE students cannot remain on campus outside of their regularly scheduled times. 


Expectations for Teachers

  • Check email regularly and respond to parent/student concerns within 24 business hours.

  • Unlock at least a week’s worth of assignments in Courseware no later than Friday each week.

  • Establish routine weekly procedures and protocols and follow them consistently.

  • Update grades in PowerSchool - at least two grades per week updated by Friday. PowerSchool is the official grade book and supersedes the grade book in Edmentum Courseware.  

  • Utilize Google Classroom as a communication tool and provide additional direction, announcements, or guidance regarding assignments each week.  

  • Add students, parents/guardians to your Google Classroom.

  • Send electronically or post in your Google Classroom your course expectations, syllabus, and student expectations on or before the first day of the semester.

  • Be available each week for consistent online office hours (at least one hour each week). Students and/or parents can schedule appointments during this time as needed. Online office hours will be posted in Google Classroom.  

  • Communicate with students via email or Google Meet at least once each week. This could include a video, weekly expectation email, Google Classroom announcement, etc. 

  • Give at least a 24-hour window for all assignments (including tests).  

  • Turn in attendance for the previous week to the office by Monday morning each week.

  • Monitor attendance and communicate with the EDGE director if a student is absent more than five days in a semester.  

  • Set deadlines for assignments. Students can be given a zero for work not completed.

  • Contact parents weekly if students are failing or not logging in.  Keep documentation of contacts.  

  • Submit a referral form to the EDGE office each week to communicate about students who need additional support. 

  • Assist students with supplemental course materials as needed. 

  • Collaborate with the learning team on students with individual education plans.


Expectations for Counselors

  • Schedule students in PowerSchool courses. 

  • Notify the EDGE office and teachers about students who are changing schedules and/or courses to get them added to Courseware rosters.

  • Schedule students for in-person state-mandated testing (OSTP), (ACT), and (STAR).

  • Reschedule students who fail courses each semester.

  • Monitor student transcripts and graduation requirements.

  • Follow the same brick-and-mortar protocol for contacting students who are failing or are not logging into Courseware.


Expectations for Principals

  • Accept, deny, and/or revoke student transfers for the school year.

  • Communicate with the EDGE director on course offerings, master schedule, and teacher assignments.

  • Complete teacher evaluations for virtual instructors.

  • Work with counselors to create a process for EDGE students to test in-person for the ACT, STAR, and/or state-mandated testing (OSTP).

  • Follow site procedures in the case of excessive student absences.

  • Review placement at a minimum of each nine weeks.  Students not making adequate progress will be removed from the program and returned to a traditional education placement.


Expectations for EDGE Directors

  • Set weekly online office hours for teachers to schedule a meeting with the EDGE Director.

  • Communicate with site principals and counselors about course offerings, master schedule, standards alignment, and teacher assignments.

  • Maintain a course catalog with current coursework. 

  • Communicate with Teri Warren and Janna Walters about student login accounts.

  • Contract with software companies to provide an online curriculum. 

  • Support teachers with training in creating a Google Classroom, using Courseware, and following best practices for a virtual classroom.

  • Create course sections in Courseware with appropriate target dates and school observed holidays.

  • Create read-only accounts in Courseware for site principals and counselors.

  • Update and maintain student login information in Courseware Content Management System.

  • Create Sensei for Families parent login accounts in Courseware.

  • Troubleshoot technical issues with Courseware.

  • Intervene when necessary for program disputes.

  • Follow up on student referrals and initiate dismissal procedures if necessary. 

  • Maintain EDGE Program materials on the district website (Orientation materials, student handbook, parent/student contract, teacher handbook, etc)

  • Provide virtual instructors with opportunities for ongoing professional development.

  • Provide site professional development on best practices and virtual instruction. 

  • Work with the PowerSchool office on virtual course offerings, OCAS coding, and reports.

  • Communicate with program-wide stakeholders. 

  • Leverage program expectations with district strategic plans

Additional Resources

Our EDGE Webpage on the CNP district website will have up-to-date and/or important program information.

The EDGE Frequently Asked Questions document may answer additional questions you have about the program. 

Parent Resources for Courseware (6th-12th grade)

Edmentum Technical Support

Courseware parent letter

Edmentum Family Resource Center

At Home Printables and Games

Parent Success Zone

Parental Support Catalog 

At-Home Bingo Card for 6-12

4 sample student schedules

25 sites for extra help in all subjects

Edmentum Youtube Channel

Courseware Software Vocabulary


Tutorials provide the lesson material.  Redoing tutorials will unlock mastery tests until at least 80% mastery is reached.

Mastery Tests check student understanding of the tutorial and are similar to a homework assignment at the end of a lesson. If students do not show mastery (80% or higher), they can redo the tutorial to get another chance to score higher on the mastery test. 


Post Tests are provided at the end of a unit or set of tutorials and mastery tests.  These are the equivalent of a chapter or unit test.  

Guided Notes are available within the tutorials for some courses.  

Locked Assignments:  Teachers will unlock at least a week’s worth of assignments at a time for students to complete.  Teachers can lock tasks after weekly due dates have passed. 

Current Grade shows the student’s average on the work they have completed.  The current grade is the one students and parents should be looking at to check progress.  

Course Grade reflects the student’s average on all the work for the entire semester, including zeros for all the incomplete assignments.  The course grade will be incomplete and will show a lower average until the student finishes the entire course. 

Study Skills - Additional Resources

Courseware provides guided notes through many of the tutorials. 

The software can read each lesson in Courseware aloud to the student.  

Know yourself as a student:  

  • If keeping an agenda was helpful for you as a traditional student, consider keeping an agenda as a virtual student.

  • If you know you will be distracted by your phone, leave it in another room while completing your assignments.  You can also set restrictions, so you only have access to essential apps during school hours.  

  • If you have had success with other online resources (Khan Academy, LearnZillion, etc.), use them for supplemental resources.

Secondary Parent/Student Contract 

Families who request to use online instruction through the EDGE Virtual Academy in place of in-person teaching at the school site have the added responsibility of ensuring their student(s) are actively engaged in the program and progressing through grade-level work.  


  1. I have read the Student/Parent Reference Manual for grades 6-12.  

  2. I understand my responsibilities through the EDGE Virtual Academy.

  3. I agree to each of the following program guidelines: 

    1. Attendance policy 

    2. STAR testing and other state-mandated testing must be completed in-person at a school or district administration office within the designated testing window.  If a student fails to complete state-mandated testing, the student will not be allowed to participate in the EDGE program the following school year.

    3. Grading policy 

  4. I understand a time commitment similar to a traditional classroom is necessary to complete learning activities.

  5. If my child is not performing successfully in the EDGE program, the school may revoke their privileges and return them to a brick-and-mortar learning environment. 

  6.  I will not hold the district responsible for technical difficulties on the part of the internet provider or curriculum provider.