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Elementary Framework

Elementary Parent/Student Reference Manual

Welcome to EDGE! 

Educating the Digital Generation with Excellence

A Virtual Academy offered by CNP Schools


Program Overview:

CNP EDGE Virtual Academy is a free 4th-12th virtual school offered by the Choctaw-Nicoma Park Public School District. Choctaw-Nicoma Park Schools continue to make strides in providing the best possible educational experience for each student. As developments in technology continue to advance, our goal is to create an environment that encourages independent, 21st-century learners and to prepare students for the world beyond CNP Schools.  

All CNP Virtual Academy students will be enrolled as students in a specific school within the Choctaw-Nicoma Park School District.  These students will be counted in the average daily membership for their assigned school location.  This school will serve as the home-base and location for additional educational support services.

By utilizing highly-qualified, certified teachers, the virtual academy will provide quality instruction and a place for online students to participate in social, extracurricular, nutritional, and counseling activities.  These teachers are specialists in their area of teaching, setting them apart from many of the other virtual programs offered in Oklahoma.  

CNP EDGE Virtual Academy provides a unique opportunity for CNP students, grades 4-12 to have a challenging educational experience in a supportive online environment.  Courses are supported by highly qualified teachers.  Each student is monitored by at least one certified teacher at Choctaw-Nicoma Park Public Schools where there is a commitment to quality and high standards.   

Academic Calendar

The EDGE program will follow the approved CNP school calendar for the given school year.  In the case of a district-wide inclement weather day, EDGE students will follow the same procedures as traditional students.  We will make up any days missed on the designated inclement weather days in the spring semester. Calvert Software does not allow us to schedule holiday breaks in the software at the administrative level.  Teachers will communicate which lessons should be completed each week.  Students will not have assignments due during a scheduled holiday break. 

Program Commitment

4th-8th grade students will make a semester-long commitment to the virtual academy.  Students are responsible for providing their own technology device with a Google Chrome internet browser and access to the internet.  The school district has a limited number of devices and hotspots available for families who qualify. 

Child Nutrition

EDGE students will have access to child nutrition services. Parents/guardians will need to email the child nutrition department at by 8:00 am each day to let them know that they will be picking up meal(s). The email will need to include the name of the student(s) and what school they would normally be attending and if they will be picking up breakfast, lunch, or both. If you plan to pick up meal(s) every day of the week, you can include that in the email so that you do not need to email every day. 

Parents/guardians will pick up meals on the north side of Choctaw Middle School in front of the glass doors. The address for the school is 14667 NE 3rd Street, Choctaw, OK 73020. Meal pickup time will start at 10:00 am and go until 10:45 am. There will be no pickup after 10:45 am to allow us to prepare for on campus lunch.

Library/Media Services

Students have access to the school library/media resources and services at their designated school sites.  Students can use the online Destiny program to select and place holds on materials.;jsessionid=8D6FCD4E8F44FA64275BF8D2C8D661C2?districtMode=true   The school libraries/media centers will use a pick-up/drop-off delivery system that utilizes safe handling procedures. Students can also check out e-books or utilize the public library system for additional resources.  Contact the library/media director at your assigned school site for additional support and educational resources. 

Academic Integrity

Choctaw-Nicoma Park students participating in the EDGE program are held to high academic standards.  EDGE students are expected to always conduct themselves with the highest academic integrity.  Students caught plagiarising, copying, and/or cheating may receive a zero for their work, academic probation, and/or removal from the virtual program.

SEARCH - Gifted and Talented students

Students can participate in their regularly scheduled SEARCH day by catching the bus at their assigned school site or being transported by a parent/guardian directly to the SEARCH program. If a student is in second or third grade and attends SEARCH half day, the parents are responsible for getting the student to the home site to catch the bus at the assigned time or delivering the student directly to SEARCH.  EDGE follows district policy on assignments.  Please contact your child’s EDGE teacher if you have questions. 


Positive, consistent two-way communication among students, parents, and teachers is essential to success in an online learning environment.  Parents should expect regular communication from teachers and should be prepared to reciprocate communication as needed.   

Parents are expected to read the communication from teachers and share and guide their students based on the teacher’s directions. Parents can request an in-person or virtual conference with teachers on an individual basis as needed.

Reading Sufficiency Act  70 O.S. § 1210.508B (OSCN 2020)

The purpose of the Reading Sufficiency Act is to ensure that each child attains the necessary reading skills by the completion of the third grade which will enable that student to continue the development of reading skills and to succeed throughout school and life.  Each student enrolled in kindergarten, first, second, and third grade in the public schools of Oklahoma shall be assessed at the beginning, middle, and end of each school year using a screening instrument approved by the State Board of Education. Any student found not to be reading at grade level shall be provided an Individualized Program of Reading Instruction designed to enable the student to acquire the appropriate grade-level reading skills. CNP schools use the STAR test to screen students.  Students must take the STAR test in person at the home site or schedule an appointment at the administration building on a Friday. Parents must provide transportation for students to the home site or administration building for the three screenings each school year.  


All courses taught through the EDGE Virtual Academy will meet the grade-level Oklahoma Academic Standards.  The Oklahoma Academic Standards serve as expectations for what students should know and be able to do by the end of the school year. Click on the following link to view the Oklahoma Academic Standards

Course Catalog

Grounds for Dismissal

  • Students who do not log in to complete assignments for ten consecutive days, without prior approval, will be withdrawn from CNP Schools for non-attendance.   Parents must contact the school office to establish enrollment at the traditional school site if they plan to return.       

  • Students who fail two or more core courses in the EDGE program at the end of a grading period will be re-enrolled in traditional brick and mortar school for the following grading period.   

  • Students who demonstrate improper use of school-related technology or violate school technology policies will lose their online privileges and be returned to traditional school. 

  • Students who refuse to take their STAR exam or other state-mandated testing (at the school site or at another district approved location) by the deadline will be in violation of state guidelines for a virtual academy and will be returned to a traditional school placement. 

Students with Special Needs

Parents of children with disabilities on a Section 504 Accommodation Plan or an Individualized Education Program (IEP) will want to meet with their IEP team before enrollment to determine the least restrictive environment and the best placement for their child.  Our district does provide an online curriculum for special needs students; however, modifications due to the curriculum's software design can be limited. 

Grading Procedures (Grades 4-5)

  • Elementary teachers will issue grades for each student as appropriate to their grade level following school and district guidelines.  

  • PowerSchool is the official grade book and should reflect the student’s current grade in the course.  

  • On Monday, if work is not completed for the previous week and prior arrangements have not been made with the teacher, zeros will be given.  It will be at the teacher’s discretion if work can be made up for full credit, partial credit, or for a maximum percentage value. 

Elementary EDGE Student Attendance Procedures 

Students who are enrolled in a full-time virtual academy will be subject to district and state attendance policies (Oklahoma Statute 70 O.S. 3-145.8).  

CNP Students will be marked present if… 

They log in to Calvert every day and complete at least one assignment per  subject category 


They are on pace or ahead of pace in all their courses 



  • Students who know in advance of a scheduled absence should work ahead to complete assignments in advance of the absence. 

  • Students who have been marked absent for ten consecutive days will be withdrawn from CNP Schools for non-attendance.

  • If work is not completed for the week and prior arrangements have not been made with the teacher, zeros will be given.  It will be at the teacher’s discretion if work can be made up for full credit, partial credit, or for a maximum percentage value. 

New Student Checklist 


  • First, meet all enrollment requirements with your school site and be assigned a  teacher of record. 

  • Your teacher of record will give you login information for Google Classroom, Classlink, Calvert Learning Software, and other online platforms. 

  • Using Google Chrome for your internet browser, go to

  • Your login is your school email address which includes your first and last name (all one word and lowercase) ex:

  • Your password is the same as your google password ex: BSmit1234

  • Log into Calvert and make sure you have been added to all of your classes. If you do not see all of your classes, email the teacher of the missing class(es). 

  • Complete the Welcome to Calvert and Before you Begin lessons for each of your Calvert subjects.  Make sure you know how to open and complete your assignments.  If you have any questions, email your teacher. 

  • Make sure you have accepted any invitations to your teacher’s Google Classroom.  Our virtual teachers communicate important information using their Google Classrooms. 

  • Create a journal for each of your Calvert subjects.  This will be used as an interactive notebook to share periodically with your teacher.  Your journal can be individual spiral notebooks for each subject or a binder with subject dividers and notebook paper.  

  • Make sure you know how to reach out to Calvert for technical support The email will auto-generate a service support ticket for your issue.  The hotline is: 1-866-890-8153 

Scheduling and Organization

In a typical school day, students will spend about 360 minutes/6 hours in class and studying coursework. Online students should expect to spend anywhere from 4-6 hours daily or 20-30 hours weekly working on their coursework as well.  Families have the opportunity to create a flexible work schedule that meets the individual needs of each student.  

A Day in the Life Video

Please contact your child’s EDGE teacher if you would like to see a sample grade-appropriate daily schedule.  

Sample Weekly Schedule





















Social Studies

Social Studies

Social Studies

Social Studies

Social Studies






Exact Path Math

Exact Path ELA

Exact Path Lang

Exact Path Make up

Exact Path Make up

Who do I contact if I have a question or concern about...


(electric bill, demographics, attendance, class schedule, etc.)

The office at your school site: 

Choctaw Elementary: 390-2225

Indian Meridian Elementary:  390-8585

James Griffith Intermediate: 390-2153

Nicoma Park Elementary: 390-6380

Nicoma Park Intermediate: 390-6391

Westfall Elementary: 390-6990

School pictures & Yearbooks

Your school site

State-Mandated Testing

Your school site

Parent portal access to PowerSchool

Your school site

Child Nutrition

Lori Lange: 390-5513


Donna Salinas: 390-5524

My child’s assignments or assignment deadlines

Your child’s EDGE teacher


Your child’s EDGE teacher

Difficulty with an assignment

Your child’s EDGE teacher 

EDGE Program Questions or 

Calvert Software Concerns

EDGE Director - Debbie Worley:  390-5534

EDGE Assistant Director - Jennifer Wright

office: 390-5532

Calvert Technology Issues


Other Instructional Software (Exact Path, Moby Max, textbook software, etc)

Janna Walters:390-5493

IEP or 504 Accommodations

Kelli Hosford - Director of Student Services  


PowerSchool issues

Teri Warren:  390-5494


4th-5th EDGE Program Expectations

Expectations for Parents

  • Set up a distraction-free, designated workspace for your child(ren) to work every day. 

  • Provide virtual learning equipment (a device, internet access, and supplies). 

  • Assist your student(s) in setting up a routine and schedule for completing school work.

  • Take a hands-on, active role in your child(ren)’s daily education. 

  • Help your child check emails, Google Classroom, and Calvert daily for information.

  • Communicate with teachers regularly via email or Google classroom regarding any questions or issues that arise.

  • Use your parent account in Calvert to look at teacher notes and fulfill the role of a learning guide for your child.

  • Check student’s grades through PowerSchool Parent Portal on a regular basis.

  • Contact the Calvert support hotline for Calvert software technical issues.

  • Provide transportation to the home base campus for all state-mandated testing.

  • The online curriculum will require an active role by parents and the student may not always be able to work independently.  Parents may need to guide students during evening hours when teachers are not in contracted work hours.  

Expectations for Students

  • Sign-in to Calvert Learning Software every day and complete assignments

  • Sign-in to Google Classroom every day to see assignments. 

  • Complete supplemental assignments through other curriculum formats such as Social Studies Weekly, Moby Max, and Exact Path, etc. 

  • Complete assignments within a weekly timeframe demonstrating academic integrity.

  • Try your best when completing assignments and state-mandated testing.  

Expectations for Teachers

  • Check email regularly and respond to parent/student concerns within 24 business hours. 

  • Provide direction for which assignments are due each week through Google Classroom.

  • Establish consistent weekly procedures and protocols.

  • Communicate with the EDGE office about students who are added or dropped from courses for Calvert accounts to be deactivated or activated 

  • Update grades in PowerSchool per the policy for your grade level.

  • Be available at least one hour each week for online office hours.  Students and/or parents can schedule appointments during this time as needed. 

  • Turn in attendance for the previous week to the office on Monday. 

  • Contact parents weekly if students are failing or not logging in.  Keep documentation of contacts.

  • Schedule students for in-person state-mandated testing (OSTP) in the spring and (STAR) every nine weeks.

Expectations for Principals

  • Accept, deny, and/or revoke student transfers for the school year.

  • Assign students to teachers/classes through PowerSchool.

  • Complete teacher evaluations for virtual instructors.

  • Create the schedule dates and schedule for teachers to give the in-person state-mandated testing (OSTP) and (STAR).

  • Monitor grades and report cards for virtual students.

  • Monitor attendance and intervene in the case of excessive absences or failure to thrive.

  • Review placement at a minimum of each nine weeks.  Students not making adequate progress (see grounds for dismissal on pg. 4) will be removed from the program and returned to a traditional education placement. 

Expectations for EDGE Directors

  • Set weekly online office hours for teachers to schedule a Google Meet with the EDGE Director. 

  • Communicate with site principals about the curriculum offerings, standards alignment, and teacher assignments.

  • Maintain a course catalog with current coursework.  Communicate with the PowerSchool office and technology office about course requirements and login information.

  • Contract with software companies to provide online curriculum. 

  • Create course sections in Calvert.

  • Update and maintain student login information in Calvert Content Management System

  • Troubleshoot technical issues with Calvert.

  • Intervene when necessary for program disputes.

  • Maintain EDGE Program materials on the district website (Orientation materials, student handbook, parent/student contract, teacher handbook, etc)

  • Provide virtual instructors with opportunities for ongoing professional development.

  • Work with the PowerSchool office on virtual course offerings, OCAS coding, and report cards.

  • Communicate with stakeholders program-wide.

  • Leverage program expectations with district strategic plans

Additional Resources

Our EDGE Webpage on the CNP district website will have up-to-date and/or important program information.

The EDGE Frequently Asked Questions document may answer additional questions you have about the program. 

Parent Resources for Calvert Learning (4th-5th grade)

Calvert Learning Webinar

Parent Support Blog

Student Success Podcast

Parental Support Catalog

Free Holiday Printables 

4 sample student schedules

At-Home Bingo Card (printable)

free cursive writing worksheets

ideas for learning incentives

DIY Homeschool Workstation Ideas

Free Printable Classroom Decor

Calvert Townhall Video (overview)


Additional Learning Opportunities/Resources 


Student Success Zone

Coloring Sheets

sample daily student schedule

Learning Games (extra practice) - This is a fantastic site to bookmark for kids to safely search the internet. - AR Testing Brain Breaks! When your child needs to burn some energy or just have a moment to have some fun. - Individual grade-level activities to practice skills or play games to reinforce skills. - Practice to reinforce skills - Typing Practice - Typing Practice - Books read aloud by actors.;jsessionid=8D6FCD4E8F44FA64275BF8D2C8D661C2?districtMode=true - Destiny Online Checkout Site  

Calvert Software Vocabulary

Rate Your Understanding - This assesses the learner’s readiness and excitement for the lesson. These are not graded and can be completed quickly by the student. 

Practice Questions - This is used to check understanding of content. There can be between 1-10 questions, which the computer will grade. 

Quick Checks - These 1-3 questions are computer-graded to determine if you are ready for the next lesson. These can be retaken at the teacher’s discretion. 

Use for Mastery - This is sometimes the final or only grade taken for the lesson. You can be asked to answer a multiple-choice question, write a paragraph, write an essay, or upload something from your learning journal. Many times there are multiple parts to what the question will ask you, so you must be very careful to answer all parts. Your Learning Guide account will help answer questions your students may have, and give a rubric of what is expected. These are very important to be done in their entirety for their grades to reflect their knowledge.

Learning Guides - Parents will have a separate login with “Teacher Notes” for each lesson. You will be able to see your child’s lessons in advance to print any needed information or materials. This is a great tool if your child is confused about a topic, and you need to know how to help them. 

Forced Progression - This feature ensures students are working on lessons for each subject. The lessons are locked until the previous lesson has been completed. It is best to complete the Daily lessons in order and progress too far in any one subject. The blue guide bar at the top of the Daily Schedule will show you the last day you completed all daily lessons. 

Retakes - If a teacher grants you a retake opportunity, ensure you make every effort to follow the rubric. Your assignment was sent back to you because it was blank, not done correctly, or your score was less than 50%. A notification will pop up at the top of your page, or your blue daily guide will send you back to the day of the lesson and say retake on top of the work. You are given one retake opportunity, if you do not complete the work the second time your initial grade stands. 

Announcements - These are at the top of your Calvert Login Dashboard. If your teacher has graded anything or sent something back to you as a retake you will be notified here. Be sure to check this from time to time. 

Show/Projects - The projects for each subject are at the teacher’s discretion. 


4th-5th Parent/Student Contract

Families who request to use online instruction through the EDGE Virtual Academy in lieu of in-person instruction at the school site have the added responsibility of making sure their student(s) are actively engaged in the program and progressing through grade level work.  


Parent Responsibilities

Student Responsibilities

  • Provide internet, device, and supplies

  • Complete all materials in the orientation packet

  • Serve as learning guide for student

  • Communicate with teacher of record regularly

  • Set up and maintain a routine and consistent schedule for completing assignments 

  • Check the teacher’s Google Classroom regularly

  • Check Parent Portal to review grades and attendance

  • Assist your student in keeping a journal for each subject as directed in the curriculum

  • Complete all Calvert orientations before beginning coursework

  • Check school issued email and your teacher’s Google Classroom daily

  • Complete all assigned work linked in Google Classroom and on Calvert.

  • Complete work in each subject area as it is assigned with academic integrity

  • Stay on pace with lessons and complete lessons on time

  • Communicate problems with your learning guide

  • Attend scheduled Google Meets 

  • Use your journals for each core subject as directed in the curriculum 


  1. I understand I will need to take an active role in my child’s success and my child will not thrive in the EDGE program independently.

  2. I have read the elementary parent/student reference manual and agree to each of the following program guidelines: 

    1. Attendance and grading policy 

    2. Regular communication with the teacher of record 

    3. STAR testing and other state-mandated testing must be completed in-person at a school site or the district administration office.

  3. I understand a time commitment of approximately 4-6 hours per school day is necessary to complete learning activities.

  4. If my child is not performing successfully in the EDGE program, the school may revoke their enrollment in the program and return them to a traditional learning environment. 

  5. I will not hold the district responsible for technical difficulties on the part of the internet provider or curriculum provider.