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EDGE Frequently Asked Questions



Who can participate?

Any 4th-12th grade student who is currently enrolled in Choctaw-Nicoma Park Schools or that wishes to transfer to the virtual program from out of district may participate in EDGE. It is important to note that if you are an out of district transfer student and wish to quit the EDGE program, you must return to the brick and mortar school you previously attended. 

Is there a cost to participate?

There is no additional cost to participate in CNP EDGE. Students are responsible for providing their own technology device with a Chrome internet browser and access to the internet.  If students want to bring their own device to a school site and use the school internet, they will need a $26 Google management license added to their device. This is not a requirement as the school will have devices available for student use. 

How long is the commitment to CNP EDGE Virtual Academy?

4th-8th grade students will need to make a semester-long commitment to the virtual academy within ten days of the start of school. High school students will make a block-long commitment to the virtual academy within five days of the start of school. 

Who teaches EDGE courses?

Highly-qualified, certified teachers work closely with students and parents to provide a personalized, customized, and flexible schedule curriculum. Teachers will be certified in the specific area in which they are teaching. Teachers monitor student progress using a variety of means including virtual meetings, email, or phone calls.

What is the role of the parent or guardian?

Parents/guardians should take a hands-on, active role in their child’s daily education.  Adults should create a daily schedule for students to complete their school work that fits within the family structure.  Parents and guardians should closely monitor a student’s progress and communicate with the teacher of record on a regular basis.   It is important that parents help students stay focused and on a routine schedule to minimize distractions.  Parents/guardians will need to provide transportation for any on-campus activities. 

Can my child work ahead?

The online program will be available to students 24 hours a day/7 days a week and will provide an opportunity for students to self-pace through weekly assigned coursework on a flexible schedule.  If you have a circumstance that might require unlocking more than one week at time, you can discuss this with your teacher. You can also ask for additional work through google classroom if your student is looking for an added challenge. 

Do I need to have internet access or a computer?

Yes. Reliable, high-speed internet access and a device with a Chrome internet browser are necessary to access and complete virtual lessons, assignments, and teacher correspondence. If this is a barrier for your family, please contact

What curriculum is used?

For 4th-5th grade students we will be using the Calvert Learning program through Edmentum. Science curriculum will be supplemented through Mystery Science and Moby Max can be used to supplement all subjects. For grades 6-12, Courseware will be used for all subjects in conjunction with Google Classroom. 

How are EDGE students affected by school closures?    

EDGE students will follow the same academic calendar as other CNP students.  If a school closes for inclement weather, EDGE students will not be required to complete assignments that day.  If a school has a virtual learning day, EDGE students will be in session.

 How much time will my child need to spend on school work each week?

The amount of learning time will vary by grade level and course load. Each student will learn at a different rate and parents will need to monitor their child’s academic performance and overall engagement to determine appropriate boundaries. Each subject area will require approximately 30 min - 1 hour of activities per school day.  Parents will need to create a schedule for their child that incorporates approximately 4 -6 hours of learning time every day.  Approximately 20-30 hours per week of learning time will be needed each week to complete required learning activities.  

Will My Child have to ZOOM into class all day? 

No. The online curriculum is available to students 24/7 and students can complete assignments according to the pacing schedule within the program.  Students will receive at least a week’s worth of assignments at a time (often more) and can work through the lessons on a flexible schedule.   

 What if we discover CNP EDGE is not the right fit?

We want to ensure students are placed in a successful learning environment and understand that online learning may not be for every student. High school students will have 5 days and elementary and middle school students will have ten days to withdraw from the virtual program and transfer back to traditional school. If you come to this decision after the deadline, then you can transfer back to your brick and mortar school of origin at the end of the block for high school and at the end of the semester for elementary and middle school. 

Is this program a good fit for students who are homeschooled?

Yes! Families who choose to homeschool may enroll in CNP EDGE while maintaining control of their child’s at-home learning environment. CNP EDGE offers board-approved elementary, middle, and high school curriculum that is comprehensive and aligned to Oklahoma’s state standards. Grades and transcripts will be issued by CNP Schools.

Can I enroll part of the day in traditional school and part of the day in EDGE?

Yes, but ONLY for 6th-12th graders.  4th-5th-grade students and families have to choose between traditional school or CNP EDGE. Students at CHS will be allowed to participate in online courses full-time or take a combination of in-person and online classes through a hybrid schedule. Additionally, students in grades 7-12 have the choice to participate in OSSAA electives on campus (football, band, etc.). 

How much time do students have to complete courses?

EDGE students will follow the same academic calendar as traditional students.  Grades will be reported at the end of each grading period for progress completed. The online curriculum has a pacing calendar within the program to keep students on track with traditional in-class students.  The program will show if the student is on track to finish the course on time. It is important to not get behind in the program.  

Do students have access to school libraries?

Yes.  Students will have access to the library resources at their home-base school site. Our Library Media Specialists are experts in technology and in curating top-notch educational resources to help support instruction, and they are champions of equity, diversity, and digital citizenship. Media Centers play an integral role in supporting students and families whether virtually or on site.  For more information on how to access library services, contact the Library Media Director for your assigned school site.

Is all coursework done on the computer?

No. Students participate in a variety of offline educational activities and projects, which are evaluated by the teacher. Younger students may have some paper/pencil tasks.  

What are some of the benefits of participation in the EDGE program?

In addition to a flexible education, students have the opportunity to develop skills such as organization, initiative, responsibility and time management. Students will have consistent and rigorous course content uninterrupted by current events.

What challenges should I consider before deciding to enroll?

Students, with the assistance of the parent, must make a greater effort to stay organized, create a schedule, manage their time and work toward staying on pace to complete their coursework. As a parent/guardian, you will need to work closely with your child to help monitor their progress.  Students will need to be resourceful and ask for help when needed.

What if my child has special needs?

Parents of children with disabilities on a Section 504 Accommodation Plan or on an Individualized Education Program (IEP) will want to meet with their team to determine the least restrictive environment and the best placement for their child.  

Can SEARCH students participate?

Yes. Students can participate on their regularly scheduled SEARCH day by catching the bus at their assigned school site or being transported directly to the SEARCH program. 

Can CHS students still participate in both EDGE and concurrent enrollment?

Yes. CHS students can still participate in concurrent enrollment and receive tuition paid by the state.  Graduates from Choctaw High School can receive the Ticket to Rose Scholarship for two years of free tuition at Rose State College.  

Does my child need the $26 Chrome management license? 

Students who plan to bring their own device to a school site for use in a classroom or for testing will need the management license.  If your child is only using the device at home, they do not need the management license. 

Have more questions?

For more information, contact: 

Debbie Worley-Director

Jennifer Wright- Assistant Director